About Us

Seamly began as one woman’s quest to revolutionize the fashion industry.

Frustrated by ill-fitting rack clothing found in department stores, founder Susan Spencer immersed herself in identifying the source of fashion’s poor-fit problem. A systems analyst by trade, Susan began by doing what she does best: analyzing data. She studied over 150 pattern-making software programs, each yielding poor outcomes. It was there she discovered the root of the industry’s issue: all the pattern-making software programs adopted by the industry were developed based on Victorian-era design measurements. No program offered the ability to tailor measurements to allow designers to efficiently scale their design patterns to meet the fit of today’s population.

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Why Choose Us

The deeper Susan dug into the industry, the more impassioned she became to change it.

This passion led to the development of Seamly 2D: an open-source fashion design program that allows fashion design agencies of all sizes across the globe to profitably create their design patterns quickly and easily. To date, over 30,000 designers in over 35 different countries have transformed the way they do business as a result of this groundbreaking technology.

Pattern-Making with YOU in MindSoftware Designed with YOU in Mind

Whether you are designing physical fashion pieces or designing for the emerging digital fashion space, our tools are designed for you.

Who We Serve

Physical Fashion

Physical Fashion

Physical fashion business models are pivoting to a direct-to-consumer, custom-fit, on-demand business model designed to improve customer satisfaction and experience. This transformation will significantly increase profits and gain access to new rapidly growing markets.

Digital Fashion

Digital Fashion

Digital Fashion is a rapidly growing market that includes digital clothes and gaming skins. Currently estimated as a $50 billion per year industry, it is estimated to reach $190 billion per year by 2025. This transition to digital fashion opens the doors for all designers, regardless of the size of their business or their geographic location, to quickly and easily transform to a new business model whereby they can begin generating higher profits and access new virtual markets.

Useful In Multiple Industries

Advanced Design

Multiple industries can benefit from Seamly’s advanced design, production, and publication features. Seamly’s single solution end-to-end workflow can create custom-sized and special-sized digital clothing for use in film, gaming, animation, and online sales. Changes made in the digital prototyping environment auto-populate to production patterns, online catalogs, and asset libraries. And as a bonus, we provide a highly creative and enjoyable user experience unlike anything available on the market.