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At Seamly, we’re reshaping the world of fashion design through our innovative software, now embraced by thousands of users all around the world. Born from a vision to make fashion design more accessible and sustainable, Seamly has grown into a global tool that empowers designers and brands, big and small.

Our journey began with a simple idea: to provide a practical, real-world solution to the challenges of garment sizing and production. Today, Seamly stands as a leader in digital fashion design collaborating in a global movement towards sustainable and inclusive fashion. Our commitment extends beyond creating efficient design tools; we’re dedicated to fostering a more inclusive, ethical and environmentally responsible fashion industry. 

User Feedback

"Great piece of software for developing, from basic slopers to any pattern made to specific measurements. You can quickly build your patterns, or carefully construct formulas to proportionally reuse the fit across different measurements."
José R.
"Seamly 2D is awesome... Many, many thanks to the creator!"
Andi B.
"Es un sistema de patronaje completo y fácil de utilizar que te permite hacer trabajos muy profesionales y con un montón de funcionalidades."
Kelemochi Colour World Patchwork
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The Future of Fashion

Have you ever struggled to find clothing that fits perfectly or had to return an item because it just didn't sit right?

You’re not alone. The fashion industry faces a daunting challenge: annually, unsold goods and returns amount to over $700 billion in losses. The key to reducing these losses lies not in just-in-time production alone, but in creating garments that fit better from the start.

Enter Seamly, a groundbreaking solution in the world of fashion design.

While traditional fashion software remains tethered to outdated sizing systems dating back to 1868, Seamly brings a fresh perspective. With our Universal sizing solution, creating all sizes becomes a breeze, offering an efficient, cost-effective way to design garments that cater to the diverse needs of today’s consumers.

With Seamly, fashion brands can save up to $5,000 per design.

Imagine a brand producing 50 designs yearly across Regular, Plus Sizes, and Petites; that’s a potential saving of over $150,000 in sizing costs alone. But the benefits don’t stop there. Seamly also helps increase sales rates and cut returns by half, making it a smart choice for both your business and your customers.

At the heart of Seamly is a commitment to sustainability.

As the fashion industry grapples with its socio-economic and environmental impacts, Seamly stands as a beacon of responsible innovation. By enabling designs that fit better, we reduce waste and unsold stock, contributing to a more sustainable future for fashion.

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