Seamly Embarks on a Fashion Tech Revolution with New Strategic Partnerships

Seamly Embarks on a Fashion Tech Revolution with New Strategic Partnerships

We are thrilled to unveil an exciting development in the world of fashion technology—Seamly’s strategic partnerships with Paris-based and, pioneering our groundbreaking “scan-to-pattern” solution. This innovative project is poised to redefine made-to-measure clothing, starting with custom costumes for 20 dancers, ensuring a perfect fit that’s essential for their performance.

Innovative Collaboration for Custom Fit and are at the forefront of this venture, creating a fully automated proof-of-concept. Seamly’s cutting-edge solution takes 3D body scans, seamlessly integrates them with Seamly patterns, and produces garments that promise unparalleled fit and comfort. This revolutionary time- and money-saving workflow is set to capture the fashion industry’s attention.

Strategic Partnerships with and

Our alliances extend to and, which serve as the upstream body scanning providers of precise body measurements These partnerships enable the creation of bespoke apparel that truly fits the wearer, utilizing our advanced pattern-making technology.

3DLook’s Mobile Tailor app revolutionizes body scanning with just two photos, soon to include additional measurements vital for apparel design. 3DMeasureUp brings unmatched accuracy to the table, converting any body scanner’s 3D mesh .obj files into precise measurements, catering to prestigious clients like Armani and Sony Pictures.

The Process: From Scan to Seamly to Garment

Our “scan-to-pattern” workflow is a testament to innovation:

  • Scanning: Utilize 3DLook’s Mobile Tailor app for a body scan, downloading the .obj file.
  • Measurement: Upload the .obj file from any body scanner to 3DMeasureUp and download measurements in Seamly format.
  • Pattern Design: Load the measurements into a Seamly pattern design file, which auto-adjusts to these dimensions, ready for export in various formats.
  • Apparel Manufacturing:  Send Seamly patterns to any manufacturer. Unlike competitors, Seamly’s pattern format works with any apparel manufacturing system and gives any size fashion enterprise the freedom to add any manufacturer to their vendor network.

This workflow not only simplifies garment creation but also signals a move towards a future where fashion meets functionality seamlessly.

Revolutionizing Fashion with Technology

The benefits of this partnership are manifold. It eliminates the need for traditional, time-consuming measurement methods, bringing efficiency and accuracy to the forefront of fashion design. This initiative challenges outdated norms, offering a solution that fits more than just the standard body types catered to by traditional 100-year-old pattern-making formulas.

Seamly is committed to transforming the fashion industry. By integrating these technological advancements, we empower fashion brands to achieve a better fit across extended size ranges and fulfill made-to-measure orders effortlessly. This approach not only enhances garment fit but also significantly reduces development costs, marking a new era of inclusive, sustainable fashion.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to develop automated APIs and refine our processes, the potential for innovation is boundless. This partnership is just the beginning of a journey towards fully automatable, 100% digital fashion design and production that promises to reshape the industry as we know it.

Join us in celebrating this milestone in fashion technology. Together with,,, and, Seamly is not just designing clothes; we’re crafting the future of fashion, where technology ensures every garment is a perfect fit.

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